These are some questions that teachers and schools often ask us. We hope you find the answers helpful, and if you can't find the information you need please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

> What tools or equipment do schools need to provide?

We bring all tools, equipment and gardening gloves for the children to use with us, but you might want to ask the children to wear suitable footwear and clothing depending on the weather and growing area.  We bring all the cooking equipment too, including ingredients, oven and hob.

> Our teachers are keen to grow vegetables with their classes themselves but lack confidence and expertise, can you help?

We can offer twilight sessions for teachers to help them plan what to grow and when, to offer practical advice on all aspects of growing your own vegetables, and to answer any questions they might have.  We could also come and work alongside teachers to help them to get started.

> How can I be sure that working with Grow to Learn will benefit my school?

We would love to put you in contact with other schools we have worked with who will testify to the benefits to the children of growing food with Grow to Learn.  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with them.

> What areas do you work in?

We will work with any primary schools in the Birmingham, Solihull, or Sutton Coldfield area.

> What age groups do you work with?

Children of primary school age, normally within their year groups.  We do also work with mixed ages, an example includes working with an intervention group for children from Year 1 to Year 6.

> Do you work with small groups or whole classes?

We are happy to work with either small groups or whole classes depending on the project.  As experienced teachers we have good classroom skills, and will work with your school to deliver the best, most appropriate sessions.

> We don’t have any gardening space – is there anything you could help us with?

Yes! We also offer lessons within the classroom setting.  We can do planting and sowing indoors, and also do sessions on healthy eating. These sessions are also great for winter-time in schools that have an outdoor space that is used in spring - autumn.  Currently we are offering a sack garden option for schools with limited growing space and a science day with a reduced winter price. Click here for details.